About Us

Have you ever fancied to learn a Key Board or Harmonium in your life? Has it so happened that you failed to identify an ideal teacher/institution? If so, you are most welcome to join our International Keyboard Coaching method and acquire the basic qualifications onwards till you become an expert Key Board Player.

We are providing distance education courses for Keyboard / Harmonium for the past 25 years in 4 different languages all over the globe. We, rather than teach our new students directly to play on the keyboard, provides a strong foundation based on counting the time notes and teaches how music becomes a reality practically. Our view is that practicing Keyboard must be simple, easy and overall, be a wonderful experience.

Nicholson's Institute of Music is a pioneer initiation in the field of Instrumental Music training, that offers training on Key Board/ Harmonium through Staff Notation, the musical script and the popular art of writing sounds. Through two decades and above long, dedicated service, Nicholson's Institute of Music has established an arena of excellence in instrumental music training.

Our objective is to popularize and impart education in the art of playing Musical Keyboards. Many might find the concept of learning keyboard at home astounding. But, the success stories of the musicians of the highest caliber trained through Nicholson's Institute of Music holds ample proof of the effectiveness of our program.

Keyboard is the heart and soul of
Modern musical compositions

If you wish to be the one among them, and have enthusiasm and strong desire to master the art of instrumental music, get ready with a Key Board. We are ready indeed, to help you out. Your determination, adherence to our instructions and preparedness to spare at least an hour a day, for sure will make you an expert in Musical Key Board/Harmonium.

Principal's Desk

Dear Student,

We welcome you to the fascinating world of keyboard art. For the past 25 years, we have successfully produced thousands of students with our simple, interesting and entertaining method, which we are offering in different languages.

Before selecting a course, you must have a keyboard or harmonium of your own, as specified in the course requirements. You may know to play the keyboard a little, may have practiced in wrong method (wrong fingering), or may be never played before. But whatever the case, it is mandatory to practice the lessons prescribed in the syllabus right from the beginning Rudiments of Music.

High degree of patience and positive attitude will be very essential for desired result/successful completion of the course. Here, you are getting an opportunity to explore your talents in music, develop it to a greater height, and to lead an interesting and entertaining life. We wish you a successful and fruitful journey with Nicholson’s Institute of Music.